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Smitten Presubconscious Mind (Attraction Trance)

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One hit of this and you might just become addicted forever. You might even fall in love with Me. But if you're going to smoke it anyway, smoke a bunch of it. Believe Me, this is premium grade Bella Kush. Feel the power coming into yourself. Feel the cosmic forging of pleasant thoughts firing in your mind. Deepening trance, some change in sensations. It is possible to become so addicted you are hypnotized by the increased theta activity. Relaxation becomes deeper and more complete. Esoteric, wispy, ghost-like particles opposite and spinning madly, deeply in admiration of copiously, astronomical exotic motion of the planets that spin microscopically on the square centimeter of My big toe. My Holy Ass is the early universe and has controlled your mind since the beginning of time.

31 min file.
See below to play sample:


Product Description

Go to sleep now on an island universe. Feel the Bella particles expanding and recollapsing as your relaxation begins to spread out. A rainbow of sunlight emits oooh sooo many neutrinos over the countless radii. Your phase-space tomography worships My Holy Ass. Even the early universe demonstrates My quantum superposition over your smitten presubconscious mind. I’m not making you fall in love with Me. Quantum entanglement is making you fall in love with Me. We were together before. We were smaller together in a time before this… in a more dense space. And then inflation happened. The question isn’t “Did we love each other?” The question is “How many times have we loved?” Your cock is getting hard, isn’t it. You like this feeling so much you could be committed to this feeling forever.

Snuggle up with your favorite pair of headphones and allow waves of relaxation to flow through your body as countless particles swirl through and within you. Omega waves always and forever spinning you around My little finger. This recording probably not safe for men in a committed, monogamous relationship — there are suggestions in here that make it seem like I am the Only Woman in the universe. Be Mine.

Recording includes:
Love and addiction, financial domination, particle physics, early universe, Bella particles, Bella dimension, tease and denial, cocktease, love and infatuation for Isabella, erotic triggers, quantum entanglement, deep relaxation.

31 minutes

Format: Mp3 Audio File
Sound Quality: HD Studio Quality
Vocal Sound Effects: Yes
Prop Sound Effects: Yes
Background Music: Yes
Overdubbing Vocals: Yes
File Size (MB): 52
File Length (Minutes) 31

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