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My Personal Phone Number

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My Personal Phone Number

Hi everyone! I love talking with new people who are friendly, considerate, generous, encouraging, kind, futuristic, innovative, and most importantly, in love with me. Read conditions below.

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Product Description

My Personal Phone Number

Hi everyone! I love talking with new people who are friendly, considerate, generous, encouraging, kind, futuristic, innovative, and most importantly, in love with me. If you are not in love with me, do not call me. Just don’t. I’m not looking to give my phone number out to people who are afraid to tell me they love me. If you don’t love me, go listen to more of my recordings until you do. If you are just horny or want to jerk off to my voice live, don’t bother calling me. I want to feel alive, important, and valuable to my callers. If you have always wanted to talk to me on the phone, this is your chance!! If we hit it off, then consider us both lucky for many many years! Wouldn’t it be great if we were friends forever?

What this is:
This is an opportunity for us to be friends.
This is about developing chemistry.
This is an opportunity to express our love and gratitude.
This is an opportunity for us to get to know one another.
This is a chance for us to know each other on personal level.
This is an opportunity to have each other’s backs now and in the future.
This is a chance to be greater together.
This is a chance to collaborate, learn, understand, grow, listen, and share.
This is a direct line to me, via phone, text, and personal email.
This is about respect and believing in one another.
This is about appreciating our talents, skills, and pursuing our dreams.
This is about never feeling alone because we are there for each other.
This is about accessing me during my personal time when I am not working.
This is about possibly dating, playing, and growing old loving one another.
This is about holding positive space for each other.
If we play, it will be our terms.

What this is not:
After many years of doing live phone sex full time, I got fed up with the way I was treated by many customers who disrespected me or made me feel secondary. If you choose to call me, there are a few things you should know. Calling me does not mean you declare what you want and then I provide it. I am so sick of doing that, and I will hang up and block you if you do that. This is not phone sex. However if after several calls I feel like playing with you in that way, that is because I want to and not because you paid for my number. Having my number guarantees you nothing in regards to how horny you are. Phone sex with me will for now on be something you EARN. Plain and simple. This is not an erotic hypnosis hotline. I will not start hypnotizing you just because you tell me you are into hypnosis. Asking me what I like goes a long way. This is not about talking about your fetish. This is not about telling me about all the other women you fancy. Unless I’m fucking her, I don’t care. This is not about calling me and hanging up. I understand that calls get disconnected sometimes, but if I get the impression you are too shy to talk to me and keep hanging up, I will block you. Do not call me just to blow heavy breathing into the phone or I will block you. Do not call just to expect me to do all the talking or I will get bored with you and not answer your future calls. This does not mean I will answer my phone whenever you call. I have a life, and so do you. Let’s value each other’s time and be flexible.
This does not mean I will provide any service whatsoever.
This does not mean I will hypnotize or entertain you.
This does not mean I will put up with disrespect, entitlement, or rudeness.
This does not mean I will always be in a perfect mood when I pick up the phone.
This does not mean I will have lots of things to say. I am quiet a lot. This is not a script.
This does not mean I will be alone when you call. I live with my family.
This does not mean I will sit around and wait for your call. If we like each other and an appointment would work out best, then that would be different but please don’t get upset if you pay for my number and I don’t answer it everytime you call.
This does not mean calling me several times a day and harassing me. I will block abusers.
This does not mean anything except you are paying for my phone number.
This does not mean calling me with customer service questions. Use the support form.
This does not mean calling me with requests or questions that require me to work.
This does not mean asking me which recording to buy next. That is work. Use the support form.
This does not mean treating me like I am on the clock.
This is not a service. This is unscripted access.
I will block anyone who treats Me less than what I deserve.
No dickhead moves or you get blocked.

No hanging up without saying goodbye. I had thousands of hangups as a full time phone sex operator, so I take it personally. Being considerate goes a long way. If you call just to say I love you, be sure to say thank you and goodbye so I know you just wanted to keep it brief.

It’s unfortunate that I even have to list all this stuff because I so badly want to see the best in people. From my experience, this is a necessary precaution to weed out people who perpetually disrespect women on the internet. You’re smart. You know who and what I am talking about.

Interesting topics:
Engineering, gravitational waves, science, astrophysics, surveillance, bioengineering, neurology, time travel, the future, history, archaeology, energy, interesting information, law, space, medicine, motivation, personal stories of divine intervention or miracles, math, language, how much you love me, how specifically I inspire you, collaboration ideas, generous giving, maker programming, robotics, cybersecurity, money, travel, food, family, your life and my life, your current challenges and triumphs, influences, your dreams and goals, ambitious pursuits, physics, scholarly papers, astronomy, art culture, and 420-friendly intellectual conversation. If we get into religion or politics, all I ask is that if we disagree that we be adults about it and recognize we can be good people with differing opinions and that is ok. I have friends with opposing opinions to me and each other, and we still are friends. The important thing is that we lift each other up and not bring each other down. Feel free to read a poem you wrote or sing me a song you wrote or share something about your day that you think I would like to hear about. We can talk about whatever we want, however the things that most interest me are going to be things that inspire me to help my brother talk one day — so programming and engineering custom projects are always fun conversations to have even if they don’t directly relate to my brother.

Phone Number Change:
In the event I have to change my number or my phone service for whatever reason, it would be good to have a way to contact you so please share your number or an email that I can reach you and share new contact information if that happens.

For Spies & Hackers:
If you work in intelligence and/or spy on me all the time, then you know I welcome your call. I won’t ask things that get you in trouble or treat you like you’ve done something wrong because I am very curious about inner workings of things, and in the end all I want to do is help my brother talk and meet people who know a thing or two, and I’m sure you have ideas about that after all you have seen. Plus you probably know me pretty well. I do hope you’ll call me when you know I need it. It would be nice to know people who do what you do anyways. :)

My Valentine:
Ideally I am looking for an amazing dating partner. I am happily married in an open relationship in which I can be with whomever I want and my husband can too but he chooses to be physically and emotionally monogamous to me since he finds it easier, and he thinks I’m the cat’s meow. We’ve been in affection for 11 years, married for 9. That being said, I have been looking to meet people outside our wonderful marriage who are compatible with me. Dating sites seem like a waste of time. Tons of guys like my dating profiles but none of them seem to know how to sweep me off my feet. On dating sites, all I got were one line comments lacking in substance or intellectual curiosity, sharing, or encouragement. Men on those sites would say I looked hot or they wanted to bang me, but none of them asked me what my hopes or my dreams were or knew how to make me feel valuable to humanity. I need and crave real intellectual and emotional conversation. However many customers of mine at IsabellaValentine.net have been with me for many years and some of you have definitely swept me off my feet by buying many recordings consistently. I would like to get to know who you are and see if there could be something there between us.

If you have a wife or girlfriend who would get pissed & die/kill/hurt herself or others if she found out you were calling me, do us both a favor and don’t call me. Something tragic happened in my past when the wife of my former partner committed suicide when she found out her husband and I were involved more than she thought. Although that was well over a decade ago, this is one thing that haunts me. Please only call me if you are able to openly love me, My Valentine. I don’t want to sneak around or live in fear. That’s all I ask. Wouldn’t it be great if we could love forever?

Best Time To Reach Me:
As far as the best time to reach me… I live on Isabella Standard Time. I live on the west coast, so it is pacific time, however I could be awake or not. I’m naturally a night person and am up at all kinds of crazy hours. However I am also awake during the day sometimes when I have things to do, and often in the evening because my family needs me — so it really is a hit or a miss as far as spontaneously catching me. But if you text me first, you’ll know when I’m ready to answer which could save you an unanswered call. Or you could take the chance and call me anyway. I love being told “I love you” any time of day.

Call me anytime — day or night. If I’m awake and chilling, and you’re cool. I’ll answer. I can’t wait to meet you!

With Love,

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