Wanna Cum?

Wanna Cum?

Wanna Cum?

Trance artist Isabella Valentine and Goddess Lycia bring you a sensational recording featuring the art of sexual teasing and horny desperation to cum.

This mp3 is beautifully naughty with kinky sexual triggers to increase erotic pleasure, induce deep trance, and stimulate the edge of your penis's sanity. Stimulating? You better believe it. After all, we're powerful and ridiculously sexy women who have developed a very realistic view of how incredibly hot we are and how bad you want us. Every heterosexual man knows that a confident woman knows how to use her body to get a man to do practically anything. Now you get the opportunity to be teased by, not one, but TWO hot Goddesses!

Your poor penis might get a little sore when we describe the heat of our naked bodies, the way we're touching each other, or how we could or couldn't be touching you! Wanna cum? Do you really want to? The real question should be, "Will we let you?" Hehe. You'll find out soon enough. Maybe we'll let you go all the way after teasing you relentlessly. Maybe we'll make you beg or work hard for it. Or maybe we'll just get you all worked up until you're purple in the face with aching blue balls and we just laugh and leave you crying. Why should we tell you? That'll spoil the fun. We know how good we are. Just lie back, relax, and let the hotness of erotic sexual exploitation of your horniness begin!

Without telling you really ANYTHING about what you'll experience, what I can say is that there is a traditional full body relaxation induction, erotic triggers that intensify over time, post-htrance suggestions - all safe and vanilla - and designed to drive your penis to a place where you may question why women are allowed to do this to you. We're hot and we know it. You're horny and we know that too. We have breasts. We have pussies. We have asses. We know how to use them effectively, efficiently, and ever so perfectly.

And for the purpose of teasing you, the sample is intentionally cut short.

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Wanna Cum?
Wanna Cum?
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Double the trouble lol
Posted by DeAndre Towns on 02/05/12
7 of 10 found this review helpful (did you? yes / no)
As if one expert hypno-Goddess wasn't enough, you get a two-for when Goddess Lycia shows up. Her and Isabella make a great team, teasing the hell out of you lol. I like to listen to this one after Morning Wood, also featuring Lycia, first thing Saturday morning. A nice hour long tease lol
No ratings yet
Posted by Joe on 10/16/10
8 of 12 found this review helpful (did you? yes / no)
One of the best tease files on the internet. It has an unbelievable build up, I wonít ruin the ending for everyone though . Its also very interactive, and the combo of both Isabella and Lycia is amazing.
No ratings yet
Posted by AshleyGrace on 04/29/10
14 of 23 found this review helpful (did you? yes / no)
Walking in and seeing my BFs hips trust the air was the best part of this mp3. Good job girls!!
No ratings yet
Posted by Doc Richard on 04/29/10
12 of 20 found this review helpful (did you? yes / no)
Two words: Relentless and Wicked. Loved every rock hard minute of it, Ladies. These gals know what they're doing, clearly. Gotta love this side if them!

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