Mind Trap

Mind Trap

Mind Trap

This starts off as innocent sexual flirtation with masturbation instructions and comments like, "Oh I would never DREAM of entrancing you..." and before you know it, you are hard as a rock and touching yourself just the way I instruct. Sometimes the best way to entrance someone is to do it when they least expect it!

You find yourself blissfully unaware of the trap you are being sucked into... being entranced without even realizing it. The more aroused you get, the more entranced you become! The more pleasure you feel, the more you want to listen and relax. This recording does NOT have a typical induction and uses more brain trickery and reverse psychology to get you to fall into a trance.

Of course, it's easy to pull men into a mind trap when I seduce them with a virtual blow job and a hand job - so that's what I seduce you with (of course you can never resist that, now can you?) and after using My triggers and commands and finally making you orgasm, only then will I TRULY have my way with you... and I get to brainwash you for my ulterior motives. Too bad for you, you'll never remember what I implanted because I end the recording with amnesia triggers! I gotta warn you, the end is pretty mean. Due to overwhelming requests, I'm letting this recording remain available (for now, at least).

This has very carefully edited binaural sounds (changes based on intensity of trance throughout recording and gets faster towards the end), so having stereo earphones will provide the BEST, most effective overall results!
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Sound Quality Professional First-Rate
Vocal Sound Effects Reverb
Prop Sound Effects No
Soft Background Music Yes - Astro reception (Sound Rangers)
Overdubbing Vocals Just light vocal moans
Length 29 minutes, 52 seconds
File Size 27.3 MB
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Mind Trap
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Posted by JE on 05/30/10
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Not much to say, just awesome
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Posted by PI on 04/29/10
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Oh i listened to this recording so many times, my mp3 companion in so many masturbations lying in bed while Isabella filled my head …
Perhaps it's the clever way of sound and voice construction that makes “Mindtrap” so addictive
but it also my basic need to hear a dominant woman like this, continuously stating her
sexual power over you.
It's in fact one warm shower of words already starting right at the beginning , no real introduction to a hypnosis (i thought ) and endless incentives to stroke yourself
addicting yourself to her soothing silky voice together with a soft humming bass in the background that consumes your body and mind into a slight horny nervousness but also draws you in a rhythmic cosmic-like flow closer and closer to each word that she stereofonically whispers in your ear.
You hear a feminine moaning as well and as you touch yourself you may wonder if it's you or Isabella or maybe she wants to trick you into giving up the inner-part of yourself.
The binaurial soundeffects reinforces her voice in this recording in an incredible horny way and it makes you extra receptive to each erotic trigger she carefully plants in your head, going in by the
right and left ear and sometimes pausing in the middle like she's actually INSIDE your head.
And there's always a sentence that sticks in my mind..:
“you crave every word that's coming out of my mouth cause it makes you that much harder”
and..that it so true ,but this recording is also one big exercise to learn feeling subservient to Isabella, and conditioning your submissive mind right up to the moment of ejaculation.
And after repetitive listening to this recording it becomes a must, a beckoning need when the
memories of her voice are coming back, and they always do.

If i feel the need to fall in a state of deep sleepy submissiveness i always listen
beforehand to “Sweet release” as a form of mental foreplay and of course to hear that lovely phrase again in that session: “soaking your mind in my sweet decadence”

with obedient love

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