Jackpot - No Hands

Jackpot - No Hands

Jackpot - No Hands

You all have asked for it and here it is! Many people have asked me to make an trance recording designed to make you cum without touching yourself. The wait is finally over!

This unisex mp3 is great for trance practitioners of all levels. Initially, I hesitated making this session because I secretly cringed at the idea of someone saying "Uh, it didn't work on me." Technically speaking, trance artists can't "make" people cum. But we can give triggers, suggestions, and commands. It's up to you if you want to follow them because YOU have complete control of your experience. No one can force you do to anything you don't want to do, plain and simple.. Essentially you're making yourself cum, not me. I'm just a guide to get you there.

If you are new to Jackpot and you are considering trying it, first of all, welcome. I'd like to share with you beforehand that learning to surrender will take some effort on your part. Please don't get frustrated if you don't cum the first or second time. Challenge yourself and keep trying. It DOES work and CAN work for you!

You CAN cum with no hands! Hundreds (it seems like thousands) of people have written me to say it WORKS. 8 out of 10 emails suggest that they ejaculated with NO hands within the first two times and it was the biggest orgasm of their lives! Another 15% say it worked within the first 3-6 times they listened to it. And the other 5% are either still trying, it took them a few weeks, or they didn't write back to tell me their results. At the very least, 99.9999% of the people who contacted me about their experiences with Jackpot all reported some sort of orgasm, whether physical, spiritual, or overwhelming body sensations that were equal or close to wet orgasms.

My method works. Plain and simple. This Jackpot series is the #1 bestseller of all my trance recordings and it has consistently stayed at the top of the charts. If you allow yourself some patience and practice, you'll be shooting cum out of your peehole at so fast, you may not even see where it landed (as some people have graciously confessed). All you really have to do is surrender, it's that easy. Before I begin describing this recording, please understand that this takes practice and this type of trance involving no-hands ejaculation will INDEED take a lot of practice on YOUR part.

The ease at which you cum with no hands all depends on your body's ability to accept trance for what it is, and your enthusiasm to actually obey and do what is told during trance! If you want this to work, then come into this with an open mind and let go of all your expectations and resistance. When you do, you'll see the results instantly! Curious to see how far your cum can travel when stimulated? Or how many seconds it stays airborn? Or how long you'll feel it afterwards?

The special thing about this recording is that it is entirely hands-free. That means at NO point will you be instructed to rub something, grind something, or hump something against yourself. You will ejaculate or cum using the power of your own mind. That's the beauty of trance. Your brain can make you cum instantly under the right circumstances so that you feel wonderful!

Fetishes include:
Mesmerizing erotic wordplay, arousal triggers, cum command, no-hands ejaculation, surrender, reliving sexual fantasies, tease and denial, and so much more!

This mp3 was also designed for those people who often have trouble visualizing or relaxing during recordings. It mostly focuses on feelings and the kinesthetic aspect to help you achieve trance in a completely different way. Also includes binaural audio sounds and beautiful whispers to deepen your trance.

P.S. When you have reached success with this, check out the sequels to Jackpot which all contain additional stimulation with the same no-hands trigger word to condition you to cum harder, faster, and easier with time.
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Jackpot - No Hands
Jackpot - No Hands
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No ratings yet
Posted by Kuterukito on 05/06/12
12 of 14 found this review helpful (did you? yes / no)
10/5 possible, I do alot of vivid dreaming myself, and was tipped off to try this out. As it turns out, the moving from right to left just lulled me straight into the most relaxed deep state of vivid dreaming, and I just experienced one of the most intense orgasms ever. It was like reciving 25 handjobs at the same time. Now I have been dreaming like this for years, so I'm not saying its like this for everyone, ofcourse.. But I just couldn't imagine something like this excisted. Very glad it does tho!!! :) thanks
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Posted by 01/01/1967 on 01/08/12
13 of 18 found this review helpful (did you? yes / no)
No ratings yet
Posted by 01/01/1967 on 01/08/12
12 of 17 found this review helpful (did you? yes / no)
No ratings yet
Posted by person on 10/18/11
14 of 20 found this review helpful (did you? yes / no)
Very effective. When it's over, it's like you just took a three week vacation.
No ratings yet
Posted by Mat on 08/19/11
11 of 17 found this review helpful (did you? yes / no)
Great Work, I like to listen it, If fact for the last 2 weeks I listen it everytime I want to come but I think I lack of fantasm or maybe im not enough excited.Maybe im that kind or person( Never had precum or wetdream in my life). I was hypnotised and felt relaxe I think, I lack of imagination
No ratings yet
Posted by micdy on 06/20/11
15 of 19 found this review helpful (did you? yes / no)
i had not try many hypnosis audio before, and i decide to give this one a try.

she will make you so relax and comfortable at the beginning that you will welcome her with ease and pleasure.
at a moment my body become heavy and hot, then my penis have start to grow and have remain errect until the end... (i usually do not keep erection very long without physical stimulation)

in the most intense moment, i was so aroused, i felt my muscle become more rigid and my penis was bouncing up and down, it was an incredible sexual sensation.

at the end i have not ejaculate, but there was so much precum on my belly and my penis was so wet, i was not aware it was possible to produce so much.

after the session, i still feel completely relax and it is like i just had sex, i am completely relief of my sexual tension.

wonderful experience.
No ratings yet
Posted by newbie on 02/25/11
14 of 19 found this review helpful (did you? yes / no)
I've always considered myself very hard to be hypnotized as I'm quite skeptical. But I have to say this was probably the first time I got hypnotized and it felt absolutely amazing. First time listening to it I had an amazing orgasm at the end, though with some very limited touching on my part.
No ratings yet
Posted by Keirsten on 02/17/11
13 of 16 found this review helpful (did you? yes / no)
I couldn't believe it worked. It was also a nice workout :) First time and I came....Look forward to it becuming easier...I never got hard but blew a nice load in my wifes panties....thats another story :)
No ratings yet
Posted by UK user on 12/20/10
18 of 22 found this review helpful (did you? yes / no)
Little bit skeptical, but really wanted to try it out. Today was my first time of listening, and I have to say - AWESOME! I didn't know that I could ever get SO frantic to cum and yet never have any urge to touch myself.
No ratings yet
Only took two times
Posted by Mike on 08/15/10
11 of 12 found this review helpful (did you? yes / no)
First time I tried this was about two weeks ago. Just turned off all the lights and laid in bed for the duration. I'd say that I got really hard toward the end, but the urge to cum did not present itself. It did, however, lead to a really pleasant orgasm.
No ratings yet
Posted by tyler on 07/29/10
18 of 23 found this review helpful (did you? yes / no)
ive listened two times now, very deep trance, but both times i havent achieved a hard on, but the second time it felt like a spiritual orgasm. having another go at it, hopefully i get even better results
No ratings yet
Posted by Jay on 07/12/10
11 of 17 found this review helpful (did you? yes / no)
Got so lost into that trance and so relaxed that even though I finished off myself when you said those magic words it only took a couple stokes, but i had so much pre-cum and that's not all. I was for the first time able to cum twice right after the recording!
No ratings yet
Posted by satisfied on 05/08/10
19 of 34 found this review helpful (did you? yes / no)
on my first time I felt really good but thought that I didn't actually cum. Then I reached down and felt a bunch of pre-cum so it was still good. Going to try again tommorow night
No ratings yet
Posted by Tiffany on 05/06/10
24 of 31 found this review helpful (did you? yes / no)
About 20 minutes ago I hit the Jackpot. A true hands-free orgasm. Thankyou Isabella. it came from my mind and shook me to the core. Wet my panties like I was 17 again. Going to go for multiples now that I know how easy it works. Jackpot, Jackpot
No ratings yet
Posted by -110011010111010011101- on 04/29/10
21 of 29 found this review helpful (did you? yes / no)
Lol, worked for me. But i have to say i was pretty much blue balled and it only worked after the 6th time listening to it.
Nonetheless hands free baby ;)
No ratings yet
Posted by That Dude on 04/29/10
24 of 31 found this review helpful (did you? yes / no)
Omg, this sure was awesome. I didn't come when you said Jackpot, but I was rock hard (harder than I ever thought I could be) and more aroused than ever before and there was lots of precum. I finished the work and it only took me about 5 seconds or so to come and it was the BEST orgasm I ever had, seriously.
No ratings yet
Posted by Otto Kniivilä on 04/29/10
23 of 33 found this review helpful (did you? yes / no)
No ratings yet
Posted by o.o on 04/29/10
21 of 28 found this review helpful (did you? yes / no)
I still haven´t heard through it completly, because everytime something got between it, but...
I´m missing the words to describe it.
No ratings yet
Posted by Shawn (Akbiguy) on 04/29/10
29 of 33 found this review helpful (did you? yes / no)
This is absolutely the best!! I bought this nearly a year ago, and tried it out. I often would get very hard and close to cumming but was never able to cum without touching myself. This was very frustrating because I wanted to follow Isabella's instructions, but wasn't having luck. I persisted and after listening a lot it finally happened the other day!!! I was really focused on her voice, listening to her commands. In my mind i just told myself to let go and do as she says. At that point I felt it go, that point you reach when you feel it cumming and it wont stop. From that point it took off and accelerated and there was no stopping. My penis began squirting and it was like someone turned on the garden hose. It felt like it lasted forever. When I was finally allowed to awaken I had cum all over the bed. It looked like someone dumped a cup of cum in my sheets. Best of all was how it felt - the best orgasm I have ever had!
No ratings yet
Posted by mm..... on 04/29/10
24 of 32 found this review helpful (did you? yes / no)
i enjoyed it it, especially at the end where i felt sexual arousal like never before, but instead of cumming, i was peeing, and i couldn't stop.... still enjoyed it though!
No ratings yet
Posted by Karl on 04/29/10
20 of 29 found this review helpful (did you? yes / no)
Wow. first time listening...and even though I jacked off to it. It felt like my first time cumming...seriously... I haven't felt myself cum like that in 10 years. It didn't last super long. but I did keep shaking after... like if it was amazing sex... I never orgasm like that through solely masturbating... but I felt the sensation I felt when I first came. Ever. really interesting.

I just have a question... well really ... a statement... and that is...

The reason I looked into this stuff was because I made my girlfriend cum through hypnosis as well... do you suggest for me to give her hypnotic instructions while making love to her?

and if so...do you have at least one-line that could be super-powerful and useful to at least get me started? Thanks :)
No ratings yet
Posted by Female listener on 04/29/10
22 of 28 found this review helpful (did you? yes / no)
I was directed to this recording by a friend who had ejaculated from it hands free the first time listening. I listened to the tape as well did my boyfriend. It was incredibly sexy and well done. I found myself relaxing to sleep at the starting but somehow always waking up when the mind control started. I'm sure with more practice I will be able to orgasm without touching myself everytime. I found that bringing myself almost to orgasm before the tape started helped. My boyfriend who has mild ADD found her voice very sexy but was not able to really drift into mind control. You need to be able not to let your mind drift. This recording is a must have!
No ratings yet
Posted by Doc Richard on 04/29/10
24 of 30 found this review helpful (did you? yes / no)
Worked for me the first time!!! After it happened, I had to pinch myself to see if I was still alive since it felt like my soul came out through my cum. For a minute there, I had to make sure I didn't collide with the ceiling fan. A success! I'm alive and
No ratings yet
Posted by PI on 04/29/10
23 of 29 found this review helpful (did you? yes / no)
I listen to Isabella and keep on listening to her because she talks like the clever sexual hypno-therapist you always wanted to have.
In a way her recordings can create that fantasy in your brain. If i could lay on her couch I would admit to her that I get a
mental-erotic rush to be intellectually outsmarted by a young intelligent woman which is connected to a much deeper submissive longing to become hypnotically conditioned that would make the voice of a woman enough to create a hands off orgasm.
An orgasm trigger without touching yourself sounds like sexy SciFi but what
if it would be possible?
In this recording I envisioned Isabella sitting beside me and suggesting I put on my headset and listen to HER voice while she monitors my physical behavior.
Maybe my deepest desire would finally be fulfilled...and with this fantasy I start to listen to “Jackpot hands free”

In a lovely seducing way Isabella slowly pulls you into her world and she invites you like this:
“Let my voice be your guide to that special hypnotic place”
Then her honey dripping voice becomes like water and like mental heaving waves in your head her words go from the left to the right ear.
Feeling like a dangling puppet Isabella's voice and words gently overwhelms your brain. And while she explains the beauty of
Rumi's poetry your body starts to feel more and more powerless.
Like with every recording Isabella seduces you with her voice but her eloquence and words make you fall into mental confusion and ultimately submission.
A little example of this...and you know what I mean.
“Invite my voice into your brain as thoughts and words entwine rotate and spin heavenly spirals inside your head”
But Goddess Isabella hypnotically makes you drift further away from
yourself on another magical wave of words:
“Let my voice weave new brain patterns in your mind so that deep within your head your thoughts can orbit their own private dance”
Finally she 'jackpots'; you into a final response and it helped me reach that wonderful moment of mental and physical release after i listened to this session many times.

I want to thank you again Isabella for this incredible recording.
Deep sexual and invasive hypnosis at it's best.
No ratings yet
Posted by Ted on 04/29/10
25 of 30 found this review helpful (did you? yes / no)
It took me about 5 times listening to this to finally cum, but it eventually worked. On the 5th time when it worked, I was pumping my hips the whole time while you were counting down...I wasn't thinking about it, it just happened.
No ratings yet
Posted by Carl on 04/29/10
20 of 29 found this review helpful (did you? yes / no)
I've listened to a number of erotic hypno recordings from a variety of hypnotists... and this is far and away the best I've come across (no pun intended). I have some trouble letting go (as much as I enjoy the feeling of it) and found my mind wasn't quite
No ratings yet
Posted by Newbie on 04/29/10
17 of 27 found this review helpful (did you? yes / no)
Just starting to explore my fetish for submissiveness and hypnotism, this was my first time listening to one of your recordings. Immediately, though, your voice drew me into a trusting, comfortable calm. This being my first hypnotic experience, it was all totally new to me, and though I didn't ejaculate, by the end of the recording, I was lost in some of the most intense arousal I had ever felt. Even if I didn't get the initially expected result, this recording did not disappoint. Rather, it has opened up an entirely new world of sexual exploration. I'll continue to faithfully listen to Jackpot, and I'll post another comment in the future, if (and when) I reach the ultimate result.
No ratings yet
Posted by Nohands rocks on 04/29/10
19 of 27 found this review helpful (did you? yes / no)
I listened to it for the first time today and found my orgasm so intense I did it 2 more times and my orgasms got more intense fantastic product
No ratings yet
Posted by insecure btard on 04/29/10
23 of 30 found this review helpful (did you? yes / no)
listened to this 3 times in a row
first time: i fell asleep for like a few min a missed a part, i did get a boner for a long time though
2nd time: i pick up the part i missed, not really cumming, but feeling hard as a rock.
3rd time: got pretty horny just before the teasing part thn i got weak and lost it.
i wonder how many times i need to make a mess in bed without touching myself. oh well, the voice is pretty nice n sexy
No ratings yet
Posted by scott jasilionis (cikmatsalleh@yahoo.com) on 04/29/10
19 of 28 found this review helpful (did you? yes / no)
I love the Mistress's voice that is compelling me to follow her to a climax...
No ratings yet
Posted by ananamopolus on 04/29/10
22 of 33 found this review helpful (did you? yes / no)
Listened to it a few times, love the trance, get horny as hell and experience a shaking, jerking, violent, almost-but not quite-orgasm; everything but the sensation of ejaculation and the concentration of pleasure in my penis. But my body is just bucking and shaking like crazy. If I do manage to come, it's going to be otherwordly. I'm gonna keep trying;)
No ratings yet
Posted by Adrian D on 04/29/10
22 of 32 found this review helpful (did you? yes / no)
Well played, love... well played. I'm quite... what's the word? "Picky", I guess. About pretty much everything. I've found something to criticize in nearly everything I've ever seen, heard, watched, experience, etc... So with this, naturally, I was skeptical. But, for some reason, nothing to criticize... Perhaps that reason is, it worked the first time. I gave it a true, clear minded try and... Jesus... I will complain that I must now wash my sheets and potentially the ceiling. But that's not really a criticism.
No ratings yet
Posted by Joe on 04/29/10
22 of 31 found this review helpful (did you? yes / no)
Easily the greatest experience I’ve ever had with Isabella. For me personally I had to listen to this three times to have a full orgasm. The first time I just felt the urge and the pressure build up but nothing really happened. The second time I had a amazing dry orgasm, and it work perfectly the third time. All men must try this, the feeling is like nothing else you can fathom. I have heard that some men came on their first attempt. This was also the first time I experienced erotic hypnosis so that might have had something to do with it. I strongly recommend this.
No ratings yet
Posted by Enjoyed it on 04/29/10
25 of 34 found this review helpful (did you? yes / no)
I needed some physical help at the end, but was getting totally hot! Only my first listen. We'll see how it goes :P

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