Gender Transformation

Gender Transformation

Gender Transformation

This trance mp3 is designed for advanced hypnosis users who want to go extremely deep, much deeper than other recordings. New users might find it too overwhelming to follow, so I suggest listening to "Silky Panties" first if you are new to feminization hypnosis.

There are 4-layers of deep programming, also a quiet subliminal 5th layer. There are 4 Binaural layers. One main voice in the center, one voice on the left, one voice on the right, and a background center voice. I highly urge you to use earphones for maximum effect since there are voices on the left and right you can only hear through earphones or having (at least) two computer speakers.

Also includes NLP programming. Not only will you feel like a woman, but it also involves language and mental programming so you learn to accept your feminine lifestyle. This is designed for men who wish to feel like a woman.

Female gender transformation includes: breast growth, vaginal growth, hair growth, fingernails/toenails polished, shaven legs, hip development, wearing makeup, walking/talking feminine, etc. There is a deep induction and an orgasm command at the end. There are no word triggers for this since there are so many layers of subliminal phrases you probably wouldn't hear the trigger word even if I said it. This is even more effective than trigger words, so give it a try!

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Format MP3 Download
Sound Quality Professional First-Rate
Vocal Sound Effects Reverb Large Hall (primary voice, left and right voice), Low Cut (subliminal) and Narration (subliminal) and Phase Bass (far background)
Prop Sound Effects No
Soft Background Music No
Overdubbing Vocals Yes
Length 28 minutes
File Size 26.1 MB
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Gender Transformation
Gender Transformation
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  • Author: Jessica Drew
    Wow, what an experience! A highly erotic recording, it just builds and surges making you feel more feminine and more aroused. The final orgasm command was quite unlike anything I have ever experienced!
  • Author: RangerGurl
    This is one of the most involved, intricate and complete feminization recordings I have listened to. Each session I catch more suggestions.

    Now I see that there is a sequel! Guess I'll be saving my pennies...LOL
  • Author: Rally
    This is amazing. At first I was a little skeptical about this, but once it started, I soon found myself lost by her amazing voice. I really did start feeling different during the recording. Then by the end, although I didn't orgasm, I was very wet. I just couldn't resist afterwards and the orgasm was something that I've never felt before.
  • Author: blueranger1983
    Oh, my goddess this was the sexyest most erotic hypnosis recording I've ever listed to in my life. By the end I felt the strong urge to go apply my favorite red lipstick and walk down to longs just to look around. After I changed and got cleaned up the orgasm command was the strongest I've ever heard. can't wait to hear the sequel.
  • Author: Ash
    OMG. Loved it. Totally what I was looking for! Was worried about buying it but it was worth it :) Thx Isabella Valentine XOXO
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