Empty your thoughts as I tease you with photographic details of a woman wearing lingerie. Indulge in the reward of surrendering your power to evoke your arousal. Allow these words to hover over your lucid, horny thoughts to deepen your experience. Oh yes, you do want this. Sprawl out, put on your headphones, get ready to dive headfirst into erotic fantasy.

This is why you've come here. This trance recording navigates around the feelings the body receives when it nestles the mind in egotism. Relax... and receive. The tease is as tempting as the chase is thrilling. This classic, timeless recording is slow and rocking - to pleasurably excite your curiosities. Be sure not to be "on the verge of sleep" before the session starts - we don't want you accidentally dozing off (unless you want to)... best listened to when winding down for the evening.

Masturbation is encouraged and suggested until the last possible second, in which case, you will be instructed to stop touching and orgasm without using your hands. Fantastic alternative to those who are still trying to have the ultimate hands-free experience. This "assisted hands-free" trance will allow you to satisfy your prolonged erection till the very last second!

The smooth barely-there piano compliments the "sound-effect-free" experience for those who prefer one voice to many. Expect longterm re-playability. This mp3 designed exclusively for gentlemen who have good taste in women. Special thanks to musician Kevin Macleod for the "Almost in F" piano soundtrack.

Fetishes include:
Entrancing lyrical content, lingerie fetish, stocking/garter fetish, corset fetish, leg and foot fetish, cosmic energy, erotic triggers, surrendering power and control, lucid traveling, light sensual domination, classy tease, art of seduction, erotic photographic visualizations, sublevels of trance, assisted hands-free orgasm command.
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Format MP3 Download
Sound Quality Professional First-Rate
Vocal Sound Effects No
Prop Sound Effects No
Soft Background Music Yes - Permission from Kevin Macleod
Overdubbing Vocals No
Length 44 minutes
File Size 81 MB
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  • Author: PI
    Accompanied with beautiful classical tones that touched my inner core, I experienced the prologue of this delicious deep erotic recording.
    Soon I was getting tired and horny… getting tired and relaxed every muscle ..but at the same time focused. Finally getting conditioned and mentally tired. What I needed again Isabella gave me…. Wanted to sleep forever, want to feel hypnotic obedience burned into my mind forever “Between nowhere and everywhere” Isabella explains. Then her voice tip toes over my head from left to right and mellows into every corner of my brain. She’s playing with the strings of my thoughts..and i listen… and listen… obediently as my mind is weakening down…way down..

    Falling safely deep into her..deep in inside her erotic capsule , like submerging into a sea of crystal clear water. Then the guiding voice of Isabella again: “The more still you become the more it feels like you’re moving”. And my focus is growing as she expounds the erotic direction: “this is perfectly normal as the art of seduction begins the chase” Then I start to receive the images as he tunes my brain and hooks me up to what I like: “feel the soft silk scarf covering your eyes notice the scent of the scarf draped over your eyes and nose” I grasped what she was telling me..
    Then all the images unfold , the powerful female images…addictive and succulent…erotica and beautiful porn, full breasts up and down and bodies like powerful glossy statues , yes I want you I whispered to myself. And Isabella answers me: “your mind is searching for a strong and powerful orgasm” .While she drove me crazy with all my visual erotic obsessions I dwindled into a final “surrender”
    After 44 minutes of agonizing teasing delay I succumbed from my mind to my balls, emptied them while I was still in a hypnotic daze. I can’t give away the end , but you willl fear the countdown in this recording.... KISS..Thank you so much Bella !!
  • Author: Jess
    I listen to this every single night. It never gets old.
  • Author: Benjamin
    This is very ethereal, smooth, relaxing. Each word is perfectly enunciated in a way which makes a person want to surrender to the purity of her voice. It takes me down every time, which is what all really want. The hypnosis definitely works. It's very strong, but done so subtly you barely even know you're being hypnotized. The next thing you know, a day has gone by and you wonder where all the time went.
  • Author: Sam D.
    I bought this cause the girl on the cover looked hot! If you stare at the picture long enough, it's hard not to want to cave in and buy the recording. It's super hot. I'm usually gone - out like a light before it's halfway over. Nothing like waking up in your own drool with cum all over your body.
  • Author: Daniel T.
    One word. Pure. It's pure, organic perfection. Every word, every syllable, every phrase is put there on purpose. Intelligent and sexy.
  • Author: Yosef
    Five stars, like the others, I loved it. It's a classic.
  • Author: Doc Richard
    Let's just say I love falling asleep now.
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